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The Fear of the Lord

The Word is still the Word

Are 1Ti 3 and Titus 1 Prohibiting Polygyny ?

Father and Daughter Relationships

Jeremiah 31:34, anyone ?

Biblical Courtship

Genesis 1 and 2
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The Law of YHWH

Biblical LawBiblical concepts that are controversial in modern day Christianity, like polygamy, dietary laws,home church and others, or if you are looking for articles and discussions of the biblical foundationsof a godly life, turn to this section.

On Judgment, On Paganism, Polygamy
The One and Only Standard, 12 Obstacles, and more.

Simple Living

Simple Living

If you are interested in a simple lifestyle by God's design, have a look at this section.

God's Design 1
How to Start
Time on Your Hands
Simple Clothing
Simple Country Living
At Odds with the World
and more...

Biblical Family

Biblical FamilyIf you are interested in aspects pertaining to the dominion covenant, you may find what you are looking for in this section.

Biblical Womanhood
On Child Abuse

On Kingdom Building
On Lesbianism
On Obedience
The Family Dream
and more...

Biblical Plural Marriage (polygyny)

Biblical FamilyWe are in the process of moving our apologetics section to a domain devoted to Christian Polygamy only. 

Why Polygamy
Abraham's Promise
Polygyny - Tool of Survival
and more...

Biblical Feasts & Holidays

Biblical FamilyIn this section , you will find articles that deal with the feasts, holy-days and sabbaths God appointed forever - the feasts that are not just jewish feasts, but that are to be kept by bible believers today just as well.

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