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Does Witchcraft Work ?

The bible is very clear about this:

Witchcraft, sorcery, divination, soothsaying, fortune telling and the like are not a hoax per se, but they indeed work. The most popular example for this is probably the witch of En-dor, to whom King Saul goes when he covets Samuel's advice after the prophet's death (1 Sam 28). This medium wakes Samuel from his sleep, and the prophet is rather angry about the disturbance. Whether or not her secret art worked is out of the question.

There are more examples, of course: Pharaoh’s magicians are proficient enough in their “secret arts” to copy God's miracles (Exo 7:11), kings often rely on sorcerers or soothsayers for all kinds of things including dream interpretation (Dan 2:2), and Luke mentions a slave girl who increases her owner's wealth with her fortune telling powers (Act 16:16), to name but a few.

The Hebrew word that translates “divination” or “witchcraft” can even be used in a positive way:

From H7080; a lot; also divination (including its fee), oracle: - (reward of) divination, divine sentence, witchcraft.
1) divination, witchcraft
1a) of the nations, Balaam
1b) of false prophets
1c) in a good sense (king’s lips as oracles)