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Simple Living Skills

What skills do you need to live a simple life ? Or does this questions sound odd to you already ? "Skills, isn't that something you need if you do something complicated ? Isn't that something that I am going to college for right now ?"

Well, there is no doubt that you might acquire some skills during your college years that will be helpful in the field you chose for yourself. But the skills needed for a simple life are of a different nature.

Instead of being highly trained in one particular field, it comes in handy in a simple life to be a Jack-of-all-trades to a degree, to be able to fix, repair, build many different things in many different ways, and to be free from too much functional fixedness. Specialization is for insects, as Robert A. Heinlein put it. He was right about this one thing.

It also helps to remember the skills of old that are so easily forgotten nowadays because you are so used to buy everything ready made - needlework, sewing and knitting, bread baking, drying and canning edibles, and how to make pasta or butter, how to use herbs, fruits and vegetables for medicinal purposes, chopping wood and starting a fire, cooking on a wood-burning stove - all those seemingly little things that modern day life has eliminated from our daily experiences.

And the beauty of these skills is this: You can learn them from your mother or grandmother, from your husband or a sister wife, you learn them by doing them, by trying things out and learning from what went well and what didn't work out too well.

If you are interested in living a simple life where simple skills are needed, if you feel that, as a Christian lady who hopes to be a SAHM soon, this kind of life is the best way to follow God's plan for you, have a closer look at this site and find our more about our version of a simple life lived to the glory of God.